Where are you located?  We are located at Heritage Golf Links. 4445 Britt Road, Tucker, GA 30084. Our phone number is (404) 558-4653.

What is “Practice” at Accelerized Golf?  “Practice” is using one the hitting bays, your personalized reference lines, the video monitors and Hotlines Technology to become more comfortable with the changes you made during your lesson.

I’m a beginners.  Should I take lessons? Is this only for experienced golfers?  Taking lessons will drastically increase the likelihood that you will continue to play.  Our approach at Accelerized is especially good because it is very visual .  The technology we use makes understanding and feeling a proper golf swing much easier.

What about juniors?  Juniors are so use to technology that our approach is especially suited for them.  Competitive juniors will particularly benefit from experience our staff has both competing and working with top level players. 

Do work with left handed golfers?  Yes, we are very left handed friendly. In the flip of a switch, we are ready to help a lefty. 

How are you different from other golf lessons?  The amount we use video, the science, the technology.  Most instructors us video to some degree.  Few use it to the extent we do or have the ability to have cameras angles as consistent and reliable as ours.  Secondly, we hold ourselves to the highest scientific standard.  Hitting a golf shot is physics and geometry.  We can always explain the science behind what we are teaching plus give you multiple examples of top players doing it correctly.  Furthermore, we have the proprietary Hotlines technology that gives you the instant feedback that helps you integrate changes into your golf swing in the shortest time possible. 

What are Hotlines?  Hotlines are virtual markers that we use in over 20 different positions in the golf swing.  These Hotlines give you instant feedback that you need to make a swing change quickly.  Examples of Hotlines:


Do you have lesson series?  The 2 Month Initial Series is $525 and has a total of 4 one hour lessons and 2 months of unlimited practice.  Practice in the Accelerized hitting bays at least 3 times between lessons using video, your personalized reference lines, the video monitors and Hotlines Technology and lesson retention will go way up!


Do you give group lessons?  You can schedule a two hour session for $200.  This can be shared by up to 4 golfers.   We also do group outing for groups up to 24.  Please contact us for more details.