Online Scheduling

First Time Lesson (Addl pricing below)

An hour introductory lesson and a half hour practice session   $125

First Time Lesson

An hour introductory lesson and a half hour practice session   $125


Lesson Series

4 hour lessons and 2 months practice (minimum of 8 guaranteed sessions)      $525
  For two months after the series start date additional lessons can be purchased for $75 each.

Helpful hints: Schedule a practice session after each lesson to maximize the learning process. You should strive for a minimum of 3 hours of Accelerized practice between each lesson.  Schedule 2 or 3 practice sessions per week and receive 12 to 18 practice sessions during the 6 week unlimited practice period.


Membership  (BEST VALUE)

Monthly program that includes $25 Lessons and Monthly Practice Package   $200
*4 lesson minimum commitment ($100 at startup)    
**Unused lessons carry over as long as membership is continuous.    



5 One-Hour Lessons   $575
10 One-Hour Practice Sessions   $280
Month of Unlimited Practice   $150



Individual Lessons and Practice Rates

One-Hour Lessons   $125
Half-Hour Lesson   $75
One-Hour Practice Session   $30
Half-Hour Practice Session   $20


Junior Lessons (12 and under)

Half – Hour Lessons    $50
6 Half-Hour Lesson   $250

Playing Lesson

Includes one hour on course instruction Half hour video review of on-course play   $200


Lesson Policy: First time lessons must be reserved by credit card. Any lessons cancelled within 24 hours of appointment are subject to a full rate charge.