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Welcome to Accelerized Golf!

Accelerized Golf’s home base is in Atlanta at Heritage Golf Links. There are a number of facilities located in Los Angeles, Chicago and various cities around the Southeast. Accelerized Golf is serious about helping you improve your game.  Video of your swing, personalized references lines, our patented Hotlines technology and sound science are all a part of our hi-tech approach to helping you understand the fundamentals of the swing and help you apply these fundamentals to your swing.  Our unique approach to practice will help you retain swing improvements in a repeatable way.

Accelerized Golf’s Director of Instruction Oswald Drawdy and the entire family Accelerized Golf certified instructors are experienced at helping beginners get started the right way and advanced players take their game to the next level.

Your initial lesson with Accelerized Golf will begin with an overall analysis of your swing with your driver and irons including your stance, pivot, swing plane, club face position and hand action.  The analysis will lead to prioritization of swing improvements.  With your instructor, you will then make improvements in the one or two highest priority areas.  Your instructor will create a practice plan for you during your lesson.  The hitting bays, the video system, your personalized reference lines and Hotlines are all available to your for practice between lessons. Schedule a practice session after your lessons.  If you visit the Accelerized Golf training facility for the three recommended practice sessions between lessons, you will see why we believe so strongly in the power of retaining improvements through Hotlines practice sessions.

If you are ready to get started with SERIOUS IMPROVEMENT, please visit our online scheduling page.


News and Events

  • Sign up for our FREE junior movie night, Sunday February 23
    Sign up for our FREE junior movie night, Sunday February 23
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  • Narrow the Angle
    Narrow the Angle
      A wide angel between your left arm and shaft on the way down is very slow.  Narrow that...
  • Mark Whatley
    Mark Whatley
    I was hitting some 30 yards farther!   I played very well.   I have never really had a great shoulder...
  • Introductory Lesson
    Introductory Lesson
    Get your one hour introductory lesson with Accelerized Golf for $99.  Your instructor will begin with an overall analysis...
  • Lights ON!
    Lights ON!
    The clocks have rolled back and the days are short. Our lighted range provides a great place to work...